Name: Kenneth Barry
Married to Kathy
Location: East Stroudsburg, PA (80 miles from NYC, 100 miles from Philadelphia), in the beautiful Pocono Mountains


B.S. Degree in Studio Art from Florida State University, 1990
Gallery exhibition of paintings, Kansas City, 1991
Adobe Photoshop experience, 1995-present
Kinetix 3D Studio experience, 1996-present
Adobe After Effects experience, 1998-present
Macromedia Flash experience, 1999-present
Macromedia Director experience, 1996-present
Manual HTML and Macromedia Dreamweaver experience, 1995-present
Brand and identity creation, magazine ad creation, promotional materials, product design, materials specification for Wirething Guitar Pick, 1997-present


Website administration, database management, graphic production for Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., 2004-2005
Lingo programming for Macromedia Director multimedia CDROM authoring on a variety of professional assignments, 1996 to present
C and FORTRAN programming courses, Penn Valley Community College, 1993
BASIC and assembly language for Commodore 64 computer, self-taught, 1980-82
Operating system and network installation and troubleshooting for PC platform, 1995-present
Setting up shopping cart systems for and websites, 1998-present
Website setup, hosting, maintenance on UNIX systems, 1995-present


Professional performance, saxophone and flute, 1983-present
Professional performance, upright and electric bass, 1998-present
Jazz saxophone scholarship awarded from Florida State University, 1987
Classical flute scholarship awarded from University of Miami, 1985
Studied jazz saxophone with Gary Campbell, University of Miami, 1985
Audio engineering classes, University of Miami, 1985-86
Studied classical flute with Charles Delaney, Florida State University, 1987-88
Shakuhachi class (Japanese bamboo flute), Florida State University, 1988
VL1-m Physical Modelling Synthesizer programming and performance with WX7 wind synthesizer, 1995-present
Member of Midtown Quartet, jazz quartet, Kansas City, 1991-2002
Member of Chubby Smith 5, rock 'n' roll band, Lawrence, Kansas 1991-2002


US Patent 5,894,097 for the Wirething Guitar Pick, issued April 1999
Patent research for saxophone mouthpiece concepts, in progress currently


Electrical engineering coursework, University of Miami, 1985-86
Mechanical engineering coursework (3.85 GPA), Penn Valley community college, 1992-94, including physics, calculus, differential equations
Machining experience with Sherline milling machine, for fabrication of molds and wire-bending devices for Wirething pick, 1998-present
Design of Wirething pick in 3D Studio for creation of mold cavities, 2000-01


Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., February 2004-April 2005
Pocono Personnel agency, August 2003 to present
OneSource Staffing, Tannersville PA, October 2002 to present
Self-employed (graphic design and Lingo programming): April 2002 to present
Interface Music Corporation (President), 1997 to present
MediaFarm, Kansas City, MO: 1995 to March 2002
Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, MO: 1990 to 1996


Charter member, International Wind Synthesis Association
Member, ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)